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Programming Questions / How do I use cleanmem.dll for studio?
« on: October 23, 2016, 07:07:52 AM »
gm8 and gms works differently when it comes to loading files from outside. I think I'll have to put cleanmem.dll in "included files", but I don't know the later. can I just do like gm8 after that's in included files tab?

Off Topic / Pop the Most
« on: June 04, 2016, 07:19:34 AM »

The mobile game I've been making recently.
Since this is iwbtg fangame forums and this one is.. not a fangame, so I thought this doesn't belong anywhere else.

Basically, you have 6X6 blocks, and pop the highest number of blocks. The blocks will gone and new one will appear. Rince and repeat for the highscore, and show others in the google ranking!

User-Made Creations / I wanna be the Citadel 1.095(06/29/2015)
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:34:15 AM »

There's a download link.
This is what I made for yosniper's contest 2015.
Tried to make this with the highest production value that I ever made

ScreenShots :
(click to show/hide)

Anyway, As I'll tell you in the readme, there will be

- eig... I mean, SEVEN stages and bosses  :atkWaifu:
- Lots of gimmicks (Including those don't meet yosniper's contest rule #6) :atkHappy:
- Some needle game elements(I'm not a good gimmick/puzzle maker.. sorry) :atkCry:
- And more that I wanted to write and I forgot  :atkWut:
- atk emotes spam for no reason  :wixSanic:

well.. hope you like it

Edit : 1.055 update

(click to show/hide)

1.06 update
(click to show/hide)

1.07 update
(click to show/hide)
1.08 update
(click to show/hide)
1.09 updated
(click to show/hide)
1.095 updated
(click to show/hide)

1.1 updates
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Programming Questions / SG Audio Help please?
« on: August 16, 2014, 06:26:54 AM »
I'm using SG Audio for my new game. I wanted to use the sga_SetPlayOffset function for making the intro of the boss them play only once and rest of the music loops, and then something went wrong.

I found out after looping the ogg file, the music kept starting from the intro.
So I used GetPlayOffset to see the problem and the result was a value that's under 0.5 or so and has lots of digits that kept looping as the music being played.

like this
(click to show/hide)

could you tell me how to fix it and do what I intended to do?

Help, Suggestions & Feedback / Database Error
« on: July 02, 2014, 12:14:09 AM »
A few days ago, Database Error occured and we were unable to watch or post anything.
And That was fixed so that we can, but looks like it's still happening in the Who's online sections.
Could you fix this problem?



Here are links to download. if you can't download in one, try downloading the other.

The first game is always something memorable to the creator, whether it's good or bad.
Well, mine turned out to be bad one, so I tried remaking it with new engine and new skills I learned.

I made new bosses, new attacks to old bosses, and tried hard to make this not bad, and I hope it's not.

anyway, This game includes 10 stages, 10 bosses(including avoidance boss), and supports 3 languages : English, Korean, and Japanese..

there's a readme file, so you can check it out and read the details. I feel tired after finishing this version and showing it, and I couldn't tell more here.

Hope you enjoy.. at least more than prequels.

p.s. This game does NOT has a 500 HP crap. if boss' HP is higher, that means you have something to beat it easily and not damaging your hands.

(click to show/hide)

1.02(emergency patch) released.

Caution : Currently a bug found in windows 7. I'm working on to fix it. it was never found until now(I used windows 8.1 to create and test it) But I'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

1.05 update
(click to show/hide)

1.1 update
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User-Made Creations / I wanna be the Octophobia 1.2 ver(URGENT)
« on: March 25, 2014, 02:16:35 AM »
This is my another fangame, and first one I tried making with Yuuutu Engine.(Excluding the collaboration project with infern0man)

This is the Address for Downloading.

Feature :
- 8 Stages
  - Each Stage, You have to complete the mission that is given to you before entering the stage
  - The Stages Include 3 Boss and 1 Avoidence.
  - This is for getting used to yuuutu engine, so It will be quite short even with 8 stages.
- 2 Difficulties
  - NORMAL, CHAOS mode
  - I strongly recommend you to go to Normal mode First.

- Yuuutu Physics
  - Many people told me to use Yuuutu engine, so I used it.

Screenshots :
(click to show/hide)

1.1 version update
(click to show/hide)
1.2 version update
(click to show/hide)
I don't know what to say... please enjoy

edit : changed the title now, because I forgot when I uploaded it

Off Topic / Oh... This forum is back
« on: March 06, 2014, 12:52:17 AM »
Long time no see, I'll say.

Edit : I think some of the latest data here is still missing... is it?

Game Design / The Difference between Yosniper's and Yuuutu Engine
« on: January 28, 2014, 06:00:59 PM »
I found some similarities and differences between Yosniper's and Yuuutu's Engine.

Similarities :
kid's walking speed is 3
First jump and second jump speed is 8.5/7 respectfully
gravity is 0.4

Yosniper's engineYuuutu engine
Falling Speed Max89
vjump multiplier0.50.45
underwater gravity0.250.4(assumed)
underwater jump speed3.58.5(water)/7(water2)
djump possiblity when you
 jump outside the water
max falling speed underwater82(water)/2(water2)
This may not be all, but changing those help making the kid's physics like yuuutu.
Tell me if something's wrong or I missed something.

edit : title modified - Yuuutu's Engine ->Yuuutu engine


You can download it there.

It's my new fangame and reason why OOPARTS 1.5 ver is endlessly postponed.
C. Z. Outrageousness Stands For Contemporary Zenith Outrageousness.

It contains 8 stages(including boss rush), and 8 boss(bosses with multiple phases are counted as 1)
It's Sometimes Gimmicky, Sometimes Spiky, Sometimes Trappy kind of game.

It has 4 difficulties, name and policy of each difficulties are same with ooparts(Simple with multiple save in 1 room, Regular with 1 save per 1 room, Difficult with 1 save before and after the boss, and NOT FOR HUMANS with no save at all)

Caution : RNG MADNESS. I modified and nerfed the random attacks to make it need less luck, but they're still RNG, hard, and sometimes just Crappy, So you'll need to deal with it.

Bug reports welcome

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

1.1ver update log
- Default difficulty changed to 'Simple'
- Kid's physics changed(similar to Yuuutu version)
- Stage 2 tileset changed(so that you can find out it's all 32X32)
- Stage 4 Spike array changed(in the underwater climbing up section)
- Stage 5 underwater array modified(to compensate for physics change)
- Savepoint(wuss) added in some areas to compensate for physics change
- Savepoint(normal) added in some of the areas because people were suffering more than I expected.. sorry

Final ver update log
- You can press F12 to turn on/off the scream. also,
- Level indicator added. press F11 to turn on/off.
- Hsien-Ko's HP reduced(150->75)
 - Damage to her is also reduced(2->1)
 - and so did healing her(1->0.5)
 - Basically no difference, to make it more clear how to damage her
- You can't hear the Bullet hitting sound when your bullets are healing Hsien-ko.
- Goenitz's 5 whirlwind attack changed(3 warning signs appear first, 2 appear right after 3 bursts)
- Yu & Rei's fire disappears when they're down(red gone when yu is down and blue when rei is down)
- you can see how many boss points you need to gather
- on second phase of final battle, bosses will not go up anymore
- objects in final phase has been moved a little so you can see the whole text about them
- Savepoint location changed, removed unnecessary one(no hazard at all until next savepoint), added where needed to make it less boring
- if bullet hits the boss, a yellow effect will be showed.

you can download it there

Edit : There's a bug which key configuration resets when you reset or turn if off an back on. sorry. I don't know why this is happening. If you know why, please help me.

p.s. How Can I make a kid Icon Here?

Edit again : New Policy about Savepoints (Still,, Only Difference is the Regular one)

Simple - Savepoints Wherever I think you need
Regular - 1~3(Usually 1) savepoints. If you see more than 2 saves that means it's either next room has the Boss or It's too difficult to  go with 1 save
Difficult - Savepoints Before And After Boss

Game Design / I want your opinion
« on: January 18, 2014, 05:40:35 AM »
I wrote it in the unfinished/incomplete section, but I thought writing here will be more helpful, so I removed that topic, and moved it here.

Now, the plan has became (relatively) more solid, so I'm putting my plan and question in spoiler part.

(click to show/hide)

p.s. Should I move it again to Help, Suggestions, and Feedback section?

Hello, I'm HAEGOE, and this is the fangame I made.

you can download it there.

- Six stages and bosses
- Some stages has more than 2 ways to get to the boss. You can choose path where you want to go.
- 4 difficulties(Simple, Regular, Difficult, Not For Humans)
  - Simple is the easiest difficulty. It has savepoints where I think beginners need.
  - Regular is the standard difficulty. It has 0~2 savepoint for 1 room(Usually 1)
  - Difficult is the hardest one for humans. It has only one savepoint before and right after each bosses.
  - Not For Humans is... literally not for humans. It doesn't have any savepoints at all.
- Achievements(In this version, you have 34 achievements, and I'm going to make more achievements)
- Auto/Manual Shot selections
- Hidden Items (You can get them by shooting at them. There is a glitch about Items, and I'm going to fix it)
- Rank system (You can See your rank after you cleared all of the game)

Cautions(things I think you're not gonna like)
- Intricate Spikes.(In my defense, There's not 100% spikes in this game and I'm going to replace some of them)
- Fruits exists.
- Some triggers act as a key : You need to activate it to get through.

(click to show/hide)

Now making this game is done, and I think it's time for refining. If you give me feedback, I'll apply it to the next update, if possible.

Useless stupid bonus quiz : Those Screenshots have been taken from the 'Simple' difficulty. O if correct, X if incorrect

1.3 version update :
(click to show/hide)

1.3 version preview
(click to show/hide)

1.4 version update:
- You can shoot the Blue wisp and remove it(But Rei will summon another, So you need to keep shooting it down until you clear them)
- HAEGOE's HP reduced(600 → 500)
   -First Phase HP reduced (100 → 50)
   -Second Phase HP reduced(200 → 150)
- HAEGOE's Final Phase has changed. It will stay up and keep shooting the bullets, and you can take it down by shooting the cores it summoned.
It became a little harder, but if you can dodge its old final phase attacks, I'm sure you can dodge this too.
- HAEGOE's Second Phase has changed. It will shoot bullets as it teleports, and RNG bullet pops became harder to avoid. Instead, you will given more time to shoot it.
- Warning aboout Boss' HP is added. Almost every boss has significantly high HP, and It's hard to reduce HP for every boss, so I added a warning instead.
- Final Stage's BGM has changed. I thought the old BGM was fit the stage, but It doesn't give you any tension.

1.4 version preview
(click to show/hide)

Tell me if it has bugs I couldn't catch, and as always, giving me feedbacks would be nice.

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