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Kid sprite resources?
« on: January 15, 2019, 02:18:55 PM »
I'm trying to make a fangame in love2D since that's what I like using, and I haven't found spritesheets or anything for the kid. I've been trying to extract the animation frames by printscreening and hoping that I eventually get all of them, and then rearrange them in hopefully the correct order. I tried to look through the Yoyoyo engine tutorial quickly but didn't see resources there.

Edit: Well I think I now have extracted all the frames from IWBTG, although I'm not sure about the order of the run animation. I also found out that you don't need to have Gamemaker to access Gamemaker projects, and that the images are just sitting there, so I looked through the Yoyoyo animations as well, fixing the order of some of my animations, although the run animation is completely different, with even different colored shoes and a simple looping jump animation instead of the wind up that IWBTG has. I couldn't get Gaiden to work on Linux so I wasn't able to see through the animations in that, but based on a few videos I looked at it has the same animations as IWBTG.

I've attached the sprite atlases I made from the IWBTG sprites as well as the Yoyoyo engine sprites when I was working on them, they're on a 25x25 grid. The pink rectangle in the Yoyoyo atlas is the hitbox used in the engine it seems. I'm not sure how the sliding animation at the bottom is supposed to work since I haven't seen it, and I personally would have mirrored it, but I left it as it was, but it isn't lined up with the 25x25 grid.

Attachments aren't working so here are drive links:
Yoyoyo engine:

Edit2: And now I somehow found resources on sites like spriters-resource, although it's missing two of the jumping frames for example, so I'm not sure how accurate it is. And the running animation is 5 frames in a different order than what I assumed, and it's probably correct. I'll see if there's a slowdown version of IWBTG that I didn't notice as I think there was one for Gaiden when I downloaded it a few years ago, if I would then be able to record all the frames.
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