Author Topic: I Wanna Flip the Grid v1.0 (FM2018 Blind Needle Race)  (Read 785 times)


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I Wanna Flip the Grid v1.0 (FM2018 Blind Needle Race)
« on: September 24, 2018, 12:45:53 PM »
Fresh from Fangame Marathon itís I Wanna Flip the Grid!
Current version 1.0

This game was featured during Fangame Marathon 2018's blind needle race. In it, all objects are aligned to a 32 pixel grid. There is one and only gimmick that appears: gravity flippers.

There are 10 rooms to play through, with each room's objects sync'd up to the music and gravity.

As always with needle games, I'm always looking to improve jumps and balance. If you find something you think should be changed, PM me on discord!


IWFTG's song list is inspired by the Just Shapes and Beats OST found here:

Intro Screens | Kubbi - Formed By Glaciers
Levels 1-2 | Big Giant Circles - The Glory Days: "Sevcon"
Levels 3-4 | Chipzel - The Art of War
Levels 5-6 | Kubbi - Cascade
Levels 7-8 | Sabrepulse - Termination Shock
Levels 9-10 | Danimal Cannon - Long Live The New Fresh
End Screen | Kubbi - Pathfinder
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