Author Topic: Jtool Features i made up that can make Jtool even more greater  (Read 449 times)


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Here's my ideas on features that can make Jtool greater, this is only just my imagination this doesn't mean i'm telling the creator to add these stuff now, i am just expressing my thoughts


-A button in the menu where you can disable shooting for the kid

-"Invblock1" An invisible block, when it's touched it will appear.
-"Fakeblock1" A regular block, when you stand or touch it, it disappears
-"Invspike1" An invisible spike that is hidden and when you touch it you die and it appears again.
-"Fakeblock2" A regular block, You can phase through it but the block will not disappear
-"Fakespike1" Same as Fakeblock2, you can phase through it.
-A platform that moves left and right
-A platform that moves up and down.