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I Wanna Get Rekt 2 - Announcement
« on: July 31, 2018, 05:33:03 PM »
I Wanna Get Rekt 2

Starts: August 1st
Deadline: October 1st

That's right, I Wanna Get Rekt is back! And brought to you by the community!
Instead of being a medley from other games, it's a medley of community made boss fights! TJ & Klazen have graciously allowed me to use the Get Rekt title as the game name.
This contest aims to showcase the best of the best design of bosses, from the relatively flashy, to the greatest of challenges.
Similar to Cuphead in design, and inspired by classics such as Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, and Contra: Hard Corps, this contest will attempt to bring the biggest beatdown yet!


Design a boss battle with the provided kit. Since the length of bosses can depend on the skill of a player since the core design revolves around attacking, but don't make anything that deliberately takes hours to finish.
We've also provided a lot of different playstyles in the kit, such examples include Gradius, Ikaruga, Avoidance, and more! Difficult settings are built in, which means bosses should be marginally harder the higher the difficulty.
We also include health for the player that is reactive per difficulty, while this provide a huge advantage, you'll be rewarded for completing a boss without taking any damage, so it should be kept in mind that a boss
is completable without taking a hit regardless.

Aspects to focus on

The judges will score based on:
  • Theming
  • Polish / Production
  • Attacks
  • Fun
  • Balancing / Difficulty
  • Pacing

1. If you know you are going to make a boss, you must register it in a DM with the bot first to ensure no two entries overlap. If bot approves the entry, then you have the greenlight to make it!

2. Bosses have to be made with the Devkit framework, which also have to be in GameMaker: Studio 1.x

3. The boss must have all 2 included difficulty settings. (Normal and Hard)

4. The boss has to be defeatable on all difficulty levels without taking damage.

5. No default cherry bosses please.

6. No jokes or memes, if they are tasteful we might allow it, but don't do anything that might tread the line too much as we will not accept it.

7. Bosses must have custom SFX and GFX, both of these can be from existing games or other forms of media.

8. No modifying objects or scripts that come with the Devkit.

9. Don't copy bosses from other fangames. For example if you want to use the boss like Boshy from Kill The Guy, don't copy the same attacks that the boss in that game uses, try to make your own original attacks.

10. All newly created dedicated resources should be prefixed with your username.

11. When submitting, try to keep in mind a Cuphead-like level name, that means including the name of the boss. If the boss does not have a canonical name you'll probably need to come up with one, along with possibly sending a spritesheet of the boss in question.

12. The boss should have a custom BGM.

Q: Can I submit more than one boss?
A: As long as they fit the rules, we will accept it, although, only the best of your personal submissions will actually be judged. Bosses that aren't judged will still be entered in the game.

Q: What happens after all the submissions are in?
A: They will be judged and put in a compilation fangame, like usual.

Q: Can we submit as a team?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I submit a boss that's entirely avoidance?
A: Yes.

Q: Do bosses need to be beginner friendly?
A: Not entirely, that's what difficulty settings are for.

Q: Can we submit a boss with a save point inbetween phases?
A: Yes, but we recommend that they are disabled on the higher difficulty.
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Re: I Wanna Get Rekt 2 - Announcement
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2018, 08:05:19 AM »
Hey star the link to I wanna kill the shadowlink doesn't work so can you add an direct link to mediafire on delicious please

Btw Iím expecting allot of copying from other fangames like happil 2 and kamilia 3.
Plz no meme bosses please
Reject anything thatís a meme please.
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Is just still working on happil 2?