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Weekly Fangame Interviews - Sixth Week: Infern0man (Infern0)
« on: March 14, 2017, 06:44:41 PM »
An interview on a Tuesday? THE MADMAN!!! In all seriousness though, sorry its a bit late this week, but university is catching up on me so I have to work hard this week, but nevertheless, an interview is still here so enjoy!

Infern0 has been one of the most prominent people in this community and continues to be part of it to this day. He is known for having one of the highest fangame clear lists of all time with over 1000 if you can believe that. He has also made plenty of fangames that we will talk about below in detail. Like most people in this community, he is a very nice guy and I had a lot of fun talking to him in this interview!

Aronax: Hi Infern0, thanks for taking the time for me to interview you, starting off, what is the history of your username?

Infern0: Pleasure to be here!

Infern0: I can't remember quite honestly; I think I used something similar during a game of laser tag back when I was in the 7th grade, and I ended up using it for stuff like XBox Live and etc.

Aronax: I see, so going off that question, at what age did you start playing fangames and why did you start playing them?

Infern0: I first began during the spring of 2013 I believe; I had actually seen a video of the original around the time it was released but forgot about it until a friend of mine brought it up some time in 2012. Once I beat the original, I moved on to (lord help me) Boshy, which was, obviously, my first fangame, and from that point on I began to delve further into fangames. I initially never played much other than the original and Boshy simply because I was unaware of how extensive fangames had become by then.

Aronax: Yeah I know a lot of people who say their first fangame is Boshy, but then again, it was so popular, it can't really be helped! So since you already answered my question about your first fangame, what would you tell someone who has just started out with fangames, do you have any tips for them?

Infern0: To start, I'd like to say that I'm probably not the most reliable person to approach if you're new to fangames, since what I find to be easy can often be way over their heads. I guess Pat's introduction to fangames page would be where I send them off, but I'd also direct them to clearlists by various members of the community such as Geezer, Denferok, and even mine (to some extent). I'd probably also advise them to delve into a wider variety of genres of fangames instead of steeping themselves into just one genre like I did with needle; I can't enjoy anything other than needle because of this and I kind of wish I could.

Aronax: Exactly the same boat as you, needle always feels superior to me now! So about making fangames, you have made quite a few and in saying that, do you have any tips for beginners who want to start creating fangames?

Infern0: First off: play a good amount of fangames before you begin doing anything; that was where I went wrong initially. Second off: if you're trying to be funny, you're almost definitely not going to be funny to a majority of people (there are a few exceptions to this, of course, but none that I can think of off-hand); something I see relatively often in new makers is that they try to make some joke game with minimal effort and once it's released they get a lot of hate for it. Third off: always make sure to test your game thoroughly when you do make it, whether it be by you personally or by testers; I understand that you can be anxious to get stuff out once you think it's finished, but that can often lead to a lot of problems with the game such as balancing and the overall quality just being much lower than it could have been. And finally: have fun with it; from my own experience and from a lot of other's, if you don't have fun making or playing your own game, others won't either.

Aronax: Some of the best advice I have ever seen, completely agreed. So speaking of created fangames, It's well known that you have a lot of games on your completed list, do you ever look at that number and think "have I really beaten that many"?

Infern0: I have, and I often question my sanity when I look at that number; I never really thought much about it prior to reaching the quadruple digits or when I'm in the process of beating whatever I have available, but I will agree it is kind of absurd. It's nothing in comparison to some other people, though; though I'm rapidly approaching this point, I still can't imagine having over 2000 clears like sunbla, Geezer, Kamilia, どるっぴ, and やもっち.

Aronax: Yeah your clear number always shocks me, but looking at Geezers and all the other creators numbers, it is just crazy! So going back to making fangames and relating to your own creations, what game are you most proud of?

Infern0: I'm split between I wanna fall into the snow and Phonotaxis. For the former, I had always wanted to make something much easier than what I usually create, but I never really thought it would turn out as good as it did; I would like to thank sudnep for being a banger tester for this, and I'd also like to apologize to him for having him play the game about 10 times within the span of a week because the other testers didn't really do anything. For the latter, I'm mostly proud of the overall aesthetic I created, especially the persistent particle system done in Lemon's engine (which was, by the way, a huge pain to perfect); though the needle itself is a but rougher in spots, I guess I'm just proud of what I can now achieve through coding, which I never thought I ever could have reached.

Aronax: Yeah I am a big fan of fall into the snow, though my first reaction back when I completed it didn't show that but I truly enjoyed it and can't wait to play Phonotaxis when I have the chance! since we are carrying on the topic of made games, what would you say are your favourite fangames outside of your own creations?

Infern0: Hands down I wanna be the TsuTaMao. I had more fun on my first playthrough than I have ever had with practically any other game I have played in my life, so much so that I actually try to speedrun it when I feel like it.

Aronax: Really need to play that game sometime, heard a lot of good things about it! So like last week I spoke to Piece about FM 2017 and since it's only around the corner, are you going to be doing anything in/for the event?

Infern0: Agh, I have no clue honestly; my current setup won't allow for me to participate in it because I was lucky to get a desktop that runs on Vista, which won't support ANY streaming software anymore (and I'm pretty miffed about that), and even then I have no clue if my internet could handle even the lowest bitrate settings. I have considered buying a new desktop recently, however, since I do have enough for it, but with the fact that I'll be graduating in a couple of months, I've been really indecisive about it. If by some chance things end up working out for it I'd love to do another run of TsuTaMao for it, since I have been meaning to do more after zero beat my record recently.

Aronax: Let's hope you can get a setup in time, would love to see you run a game this year! So final question and the one most people read for, would you rather fight 1 horse sized Geezer, or 100 duck sized Geezer's?

Infern0: Can I just answer with a 'no' to this? But in all--seriousness?--probably one horse-sized Geezer because I get flustered when there's too much to pay attention to at once.

Aronax: You can't say no and thankfully you didn't! thanks again for the interview, I had a great time (which is weird coming from the interviewer)!

Infern0: It was a pleasure! And as a closing note,

Thanks again Infern0, if you want to find him, have a gentle press on these links!

Discord: infern0man1#1173

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Re: Weekly Fangame Interviews - Sixth Week: Infern0man1 (Infern0)
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