Author Topic: Weekly Fangame Interviews - Third Week: Naloa  (Read 1063 times)


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Weekly Fangame Interviews - Third Week: Naloa
« on: February 20, 2017, 11:59:29 AM »
So now that we are are on our third week of interviews, I would like to add that after this interview and the one already made for next week, most of the question will be getting a redo with them being more unique from person to person.
Naloa (also known as Naloas) on Twitch has been in the community for a long while now and is especially prominent in the IWanna streaming community where he is known for playing various fangames of all difficulty and even has week long streams where plays the bigger fangames that are avaliable. Naloa was also one of the runners in 2016's Fangame Marathon where he ran Classic and had a few issues with a certain stage making it one of the most memorable runs that year. He is genuinely one of the nicest people in our community and always fun to talk to.  If you want to check him out, his Twitch and other information will be available after the interview. Enjoy!
Aronax: What is the history of your username and is it related to fangames or the community in any way?
Naloa: My username comes from years ago when I played World of Warcraft. The original name I made was pretty bad, basically just being my real name with numbers. I actually based it off a friends name at the time that I thought was cool (Naravia) and tried to make my own version of it.
Aronax: Interesting! So what age did you start playing fangames and why did you start playing them?
Naloa: I think it was when I was 22? A few years ago at least, because I'd seen Denferok doing Kamilia 2 speedruns and thought it looked cool.
Aronax: Do you remember what the first fangame you played was?
Naloa: Honestly? I think it was Kamilia 3 in December 2013 when it had just been released. I didn't get very far.
Aronax: Kamilia 3: The nightmare of every players first fangame! Do you suggest other people playing fangames and if yes, what games do you suggest to beginners?
Naloa: I tend to suggest challenge 100 trials!!, like a lot of people. Although the people asking me for suggestions tend to have already convinced themselves to play them.
Aronax: So you have a varied history in the community speedrunning specific fangames, what got you into speedrunning?
Naloa: Haha, I wouldn't call myself the most committed speedrunner. I'd always been interested in doing it from watching a lot of speedruns as well, although my reason for speedrunning a game tends to just be "I want to play this game more".
Aronax: Are you planning on making any fangames in the future?
Naloa: I've got a bunch of ideas written down, but I'd need to spend a ton of time learning gamemaker before I could make any of them a reality, so maybe eventually, Soon™.
Aronax: Can't wait! What is your personal favourite fangame, if any?
Naloa: I Wanna Classic
Aronax: And why is that?
Naloa: Because it has gimmicks that most fangames don't tend to use, like the Time Travel stage where you use multiple kids to get an item back to the start, it has a lot of stages, and no stage feels similar to another to me.
And of course, the final avoidance for "All Clear" is incredibly unique even as far as avoidances go.
Aronax: A varied fangame for sure. If you had to pick, who are your favourite members of the community?
Naloa: Definitely myself :) Seriously though, there's quite a few people I like, same as everyone. I'm sure it would take me a while to get through the list of everyone I care about and why. I don't know if it's really possible for me to say I like one person more than another.
Aronax: You are just to embarrassed to say me, that's it isnt it?
Naloa: Uh...

Naloa: AFK
Aronax: Damn...

Aronax: Okay last question and the best one on this list: would you rather fight 1 horse sized Geezer, or 100 duck sized Geezer's?
Naloa: Definitely 1 horse sized Geezer, I don't need to give him 100 hims to figure out how to defeat me, and he'd probably just swarm me anyway. At least with 1 of him I can keep an eye on where he is so I can tell when I can run the hell away.
Aronax: Very unique answer, but I am with you on that. Thanks for your time Naloa!
You can find all his links below:
Discord: Naloa#2570
Here is his recent clear of Big Kid because it is insane:
Don't ask me to test bosses. It will always be a no.