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Team Change + Twitch Community
« on: February 10, 2017, 11:21:55 AM »
Hello everyone!

Most of you probably saw Denferoks post from a few days ago, if not, here is the link.

Unlike in the past, we want to take actions now. Denferok and I went through the Team-List and quickly sorted out a lot of people who are barely streaming and/or don't take care of the quality of their stream. We basically put the current team members into three categories:

- Stay: People who are streaming regulary fangames, have a good quality stream and are enjoyable to watch.

- Unsure: People who are streaming unregulary fangames but enjoy themself if they do so, have also a decent quality stream and are enjoyable to watch if you catch them online.

- Remove: People who don't stream at all or very rarely, don't really take care of their streams in terms of audio/video quality and are not interesting to watch for new people.

I will not post the full list here, because I don't want to call out anyone and make them feel bad or anything.

The new team is not about having only high-level Fangame player. It's more about "If you enjoy fangames, you should definitly check out those streamers!" and I think the new team represents the fangame community as a whole very good. These people are not only streaming almost every day, but they love what they're doing and are really passionate about it, and as a viewer you can feel that passion.

If you are no longer a Team member, please don't take this decision personally. Feel free to message me if you want an explanation, why you were removed and I will give you an honest answer why >I< think you are not suitable for the new team. Also I want to mention that the team requirements page has been removed. We won't accept any applications anymore, instead we will send out invitations to the team.

On top of that I want to quickly make an introduction to the new Twitch feature called "Communities". It is basically a new directory on twitch which represents streamers of certain communities. Here is the link.
It is a new way for us, to advertise the community on twitch and will allow us, to reach out to a larger audience. Unlike the team, everyone is welcome to stream for our new Twitch-Community "Fangames". While we don't have any rules yet for the community, please keep an eye out on the right side of the community for upcomming changes. This is not a community solely for IWBTG-Fangames, we want to share this community with many other fangame communities, like Mario-, Sonic or Undertale-Fangames.

-Quick Setup guide-

If you want to stream under the new community tab (what I highly suggest) you have to visit
your Twitch-Dashboard. There you will see a new text-field to type in the community, you want to stream for.

Just type in 'Fangames' and you're ready to go.
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