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New Weekly Fangame Interviews - First Week: Wolfiexe
« on: February 08, 2017, 06:13:17 PM »
So this is the first week of what I call the "Fangame Interviews", they will happen on a weekly basis (unless I start running out which doesn't look like its going to happen) and will consist of me interviewing some of the most well known people in our community. As long as people read this, I will do it for as long as possible. If you want to be interviewed, please slide into my DM's on Discord, my username is Aronax (Jamie)#3159. Thank you!

For the first interview we will be speaking to a person by the name of Wolfiexe. He has recently made a fangame which we will get into soon. He has been part of the community for a long time and even has a stream where he plays Kamilia 3 and speedruns it to bossrush, just bossrush% and sometimes stage 5% (yes, you read that right). Here is the interview, we hope you enjoy and get some insight on the way!
Aronax: What is the history of your username and is it related to fangames or the community in any way?
Wolfiexe: It isn't related to fangames, in fact I don't recall how it originated in the first place. I think it was one of those names I just signed up for something with when trying to think of a username, and it just kind of stuck since then
Aronax: What age did you start playing fangames and why did you start playing them?
Wolfiexe: I probably played the original IWBTG and then I Wanna Be The Fangame like 7 years ago or so whenever it came out, just because I was looking for hard platformers. I stopped for a while because there wasn't really anything else out at the time, but came back a few years later to play through Boshy after I saw Kalemandu doing runs of it. Then like 1.5-2~ years ago or so I started getting into them seriously after watching more of them and talking to people who played them a lot, so I guess I was around 22 when I started playing them seriously.
Aronax: Do you suggest other people playing fangames and if yes, what games do you suggest to beginners?
Wolfiexe: Yeah if you're a fan of platformers in general I'd always recommend them, so long as you don't mind the nature of them which is that you're going to be spending a lot of time dying. I'd probably recommend stuff like I Wanna be the Animus or Challenge 100 Trials as pure starter games, and then moving onto stuff like Not Another Needle Game, Celebrate 100 and Run the Marathon when you're looking for more of a challenge.
Aronax: Great! So you made your first fangame recently called "I Wanna Weave Through The Witch's Needle", why did you make it and was there any inspiration during development of the game?
Wolfiexe: I wanted to try my hand at creating a fangame, even if it was just a needle game so that I could familiarise myself with Game Maker a little more and see if I could make some needle that people would find fun to play. There's a whole lot of needle games out there, so I guess I was trying to make it so it won't just be another needle game people will forget about in a week. Maybe it will, but I was happy with the reception that it got and that people found it fun. I guess inspiration for the style of needle itself came from playing games from people like Kalemandu, Stinkycheeseone890 and AlexBrogan69. I'm still trying to improve and figure out ways to be creative with needle but it was a fun experience!
Aronax: Wonderful, three more questions! What is your personal favourite fangame, if any, and why?
Wolfiexe: That's a hard question actually, but at the moment it's probably Not Another Magic Tower Game just for the originality and how much fun I've had with it. I could probably mention Kamilia 3 but I think burn-out became very real with that game and it's definitely got a lot wrong with it for me to say it's my favourite. On the shorter side, stuff like I Wanna Bread and Uhuhu Spike 2 are personal favourites just out of enjoyment.
Aronax: Our friendship has just ended for you mentioning I Wanna Bread. If you HAD to pick one, who is your favourite member of the community and why?
Wolfiexe: Uhhh, picking a favourite community member is like impossible to be honest. Hate to be THAT guy who gives a generic non-specific answer but the community is awesome enough to the point where I can't find a single answer for that one I'm afraid. Do I HAVE to?
Aronax: This is mandatory I'm afraid, I can let you off if you name a few!
Wolfiexe: Um, I can try and pick a few. Igzicorus was a big inspiration for me in terms of improving at fangames and keeping a good attitude, and Stinkycheeseone890 gave me a lot of motivation for various games I've played and attempted to improve at so I'd mention those two off the top of my head.
Wolfiexe: I could mention like another 50 but I don't think we'll have the time
Aronax: Agreed! Last question, and my personal favourite. Would you rather fight 1 horse sized Geezer, or 100 duck sized Geezer's?
Wolfiexe: Oh christ on a bike
Wolfiexe: I'm gonna go with the 100 duck sized Geezers
Aronax: Any reason for that?
Wolfiexe: It might look cute, whereas a horse sized Geezer would be more intimidating. I think I'd be screwed either way but at least 100 duck sized ones would look funny for a brief while
Aronax: Very good insight on that question, thank you for your time and I look forward to all your games in the future!
Wolfiexe: Awesome, thanks! o/
Thanks again to Wolfiexe for the interview. You can find him here if you want to meet this beautiful human being:
Discord: Wolfiexe#3182
His New Fangame:

Next interview is with: Stinkycheeseone890 (Stonk) and we talk about his long anticipated game Chair 2!
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