Author Topic: I Wanna Destroy the Maelstrom V0.1 (Alpha Testing in progress)  (Read 1114 times)


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I Wanna Destroy the Maelstrom V0.1 (Alpha Testing in progress)
« on: September 12, 2016, 10:41:02 PM »
I Wanna Destroy the Maelstrom is an in-development adventure game.
The final game will have 6 stages, each with a secret screen.

Currently one stage is in alpha, with more on the way.
If you wish to be part of the testing, please contact me via PM here, or on twitch/twitter/discord

While I don't really have any screenshots I'm happy about sharing (I want stuff to be visually complete before showing stuff too publicly) you can track my progress and see development screenshots/notes at this onedrive folder:!Av6-GR5e15QYjYc9SeLGQwSp-nsLUg

I've been working on this for a while now, and was holding off posting anything until I had at least something for people to test. While my progress from this point might be more erratic (I'm not likely to focus on a single stage at a time like I have done so far), I'm definitely hoping to give at least semi-regular updates to the game and what's going on.