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I Wanna Call Me It Race
« on: August 21, 2016, 11:29:48 AM »
The Game
I wanna call me it is a fangame made by lily and だぶりゅー (a.k.a. Daburyu) back in August 2014.
It has three stages, with cool traps, fun puzzles, and difficult platforming.
It has an average rating of 8/10, and an average difficulty of 70/100 (not including extra).

The Event
On 28th August at 5pm GMT, I'll be replaying through call me it, and I invite anyone to join along with me.
If you want to prove you are the fastest at this game, you have time to practice.
If you want to play along for the first time, you can see how far you'll get in a single sitting.
Streaming is not required.

The Details
If you want to join, the game is downloadable from lily's twitch account ( at

For those of us that do decide to join and race, we'll be using the #events tab in the I Wanna Community discord ( to start, and for people to say "done" when they beat the game.
If you don't want to join the discord or are just joining to play casually, I'll be counting down to the start on my stream as well (
We'll also be using the General tab in discord if people want to voice chat with each other while racing along to see how people are doing.

Have fun.