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    I want to present you my version of "I wanna be the engine" for ClickTeam Fusion.
    I've tried to made it similar as GameMaker ones, but of course this build is not the exact copy.

    The reason why I've decided to made it was deficit of engines for CTF2.5 (there are no any good ones in my opinion).

    If you want to suggest some features or report bugs you can send me PM and I'll answer you ASAP. But of course, make sure you checked the last version before asking.
    I'm not visit this web-site too often so it can take time before I write and answer..
    I can be not here a long time, so wait please.

    This is my first public work and I'm sorry for any mistakes.

  • About
           -This engine created for ClickTeam Fusion 2.5 only and I did my best to fix everything I can to make it less buggy.
           -It is not based on other CTF or MMF Engines, so yep, it made from scratch.[/li]

  • Important notes
          -It requires some program knowledge if you want make any changes.
          -In the engine contains some documentations about Debug Mode, bugs and Global Values.
          -There is no any "Menu" and "Option" frames ~sry~.
          -You can find documentations for standart settings of Global Values in project file (Events).
          -All workable functions are in Global Values.

  • Features
      -Saves are - INI++, not INI++ 1.5. INI++ 1.5 really bad for me.
      -INI++ Saves have a hard encryption code to make savehacking a headache. It's changeble in INI++ encryption code with compression, or encryption word (I'd recomend encryption word method).
      -There is no restarting music when you restart game.
      -It's a simple and basic IWBTEngine which is easy to use but hard to edit, cause of big events in it...
      -Title of the Application Window contaions options for game title, time, save name, and deaths count.
      -Bullets blockers included.
      -DotKid! You can activate marker by pressing "A", and save by standing at savepoint then pressing "S" button.
      -Platforms, only horizontally moving and static.
      -Gravity Changing.
      -Changeble Double Jump mode and changing type to First Jump or Second Jump.
      -+Jump triggers.
      -Speed/Jump hight changing option.
      -Gravity Scale changing option.
      -Infinity jumps function.
      -...and lot more... I think...

Thanks for your attention, and make sure you read important documentation in .mfa if you have decided to use it.
Have fun! ^^


Here you can download INI++:

To install it place all files to the program folder..

Thx ElZorgo for translation <3
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Re: IWBTE || I Wanna Be The Engine Zly Edition || For ClickTeam Fusion 2.5
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2016, 04:53:14 PM »
This is neat! I personally haven't used ClickTeam Fusion, and I'll probably stick to GameMaker (same as most of our community), but I bet that in the future this will be useful for people who use CTF and become interested in making fangames. So, thanks for making making fangames more accessible! :)

I downloaded the free version of CTF to look at it, but it looks like I'm required to buy the full version to use the required INI++ and Window Control extensions. Judging by your feature list, it looks like it has pretty much everything I would expect. The main thing I wanted to check out though was the player physics, to see how accurate they are to the standard GM ones, which I think is the most important feature any non-GM engine could have.