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Title: Avoidance sometimes Off-Sync
Post by: Tamatou on March 06, 2019, 09:09:58 AM
Hey guys.

Almost done with my Fangame but there is something that is bothering me.
Sometimes when I test my Avoidance Battle they are sometimes not in sync with the music.

I guess it happens because of lag. But seeing other much more visually fancy avoidances in other fangames that don't seem to have this problem, I wonder if there is some magical programming trick they use.

They way I made my avoidances is by having a BG Music in .ogg format play and using a step event with the code
"count += 1"

then doing basically:
"if count = 300
//Apples spawn

if count = 750
//More Apples spawn

if count = 3750
//Even More Apples spawn

Got the timing through trail and error and basic math.

At some points the off sync becomes like a full second. Other times it works fine as intended
Note: My Computer is not really very good at all