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Title: Masochist's Challenge (Fangame)
Post by: TE-KN on January 05, 2018, 10:22:08 AM
so i've been working on a game for a school project for quite some time, and i though of making an IWBTG fangame, however, they didn't allow me to use any kind of trademark (like the classical "i wanna" title, or the kid's sprite) so i had to create some original sprites and be more creative about the title, but it's pretty much another needle game :)
The game was coded in Java using Slick2d as game library and Netbeans as IDE, the music used was produced by Bossfight and AskMe. Anyway, i hope you like it!

(click to show/hide)

Arrow keys: Move left/right
Spacebar: Jump
Esc: Pause
keys can be changed in the "Options" Menu

the game can be downloaded from Gamejolt for free: gamejolt.com/games/masochist_challenge/308642 (https://gamejolt.com/games/masochist_challenge/308642)
Note: you must have java 1.4 or above installed on your PC to play this game, you can download java for free on sun's page.
Note 2: the .exe file requires the dlls located inside the download folder in order to work, so don't put it on another directory

anyways guys, hope you like this game!