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Title: Weekly Fangame Interviews - Fourth Week: IPECAC
Post by: Aronax on February 27, 2017, 03:01:48 PM
Before this interview begins, I would like to remind people that the Fangame interviews logo contest ends on March 10th with a $30 first prize updated from $20 so if you want to win, then get to making those logo's. More details here if you are not aware of the contest:


In today's interview, we talk to a fellow by the name of Ipecac. Ipecac like most of the people in this community these days has been here for a long time and is a genuinely nice person (with a lot of memes). Ipecac is well known for his streams where he mainly plays avoidance fangames and for good reason (as he is better than most of us) and with the stream and provide a very entertaining watch if you happen to catch him. Enjoy the interview guys!
Aronax: What is the history of your username and is it related to fangames or the community in any way?
IPECAC: The day i found about Twitch I was really into the Binding Of Isaac and back then i didn't know what name to get so i just went with an item from that game and is one of my favorites. It was never related to any kind of fangames and back then I didn't even know about fangames either at the time.
Aronax: What age did you start playing fangames and why did you start playing them?
IPECAC: I think I started in 2013 when I was 13. When i saw Boshy for the first time I really liked the concept of it and I was pleasantly surprised how much i enjoyed it. After that I found about the community on twitch and got even more into them, so now i just enjoy my stay.
Aronax: Awesome! So do you remember what the first fangame you played was and if so, what do you remember of it?
IPECAC: It was Boshy as I mentioned in the previous answer. From what I can remember I really liked it, beat it prolly 10-ish times mainly cause I didn't know there were other fangames. My first time beating it prolly took around 10k deaths, but the feeling I got from it were amazing. It was truly an experience back then. These days I may not enjoy it as much, but you never know :thinking:
Aronax: I see and what would you tell someone who has just started out with fangames, and what games do you suggest them playing as beginners?
IPECAC: I would say they need to have patience,because patience is the key to getting into fangames. If your not willing to put time into playing them, then fangames aren't probably for you. And for some beginner fangames I would suggest stuff like: Celebrate 100, little runner, Yellow star, Greeeen, Dark blue and if you want some easy avoidances you could also try Eat the ___ series or easy Miku 1 and 2.
Aronax: Good choices! Since you play a lot of avoidance, what would you say your favourite avoidance is and is there a reason?
IPECAC: My favourite avoidance is if(I wanna get the good luck){with(kakki){destroy! kill! genocide!}}柿デスver.Insanely well made avoidance with gorgeous visuals and a lot of creativity put into. Also a very SourPls song that will keep you motivated to keep playing.
Aronax: I see and what are your personal favourite fangames outside of avoidance and why?
IPECAC: Outside of avoidance my favourites are Dun Wanna Be Anything 2,find my destiny and Metamorphosis. Anything 2 was a great experience when I played. Zanto put a lot of effort into it and you can clearly see it. The game is long and very worth playing for all the stuff it has. Find my destiny is another great game divided into 10 stages. Each of those stages are amazingly done and there are also bosses with great design. Metamorphosis is prolly my all time favourite though. That is one of the few games that I can play right now and I know I will truly enjoy and laugh. Its design is just phenomenal and will give you a lot of laugh while you play it.
Aronax: 2 more questions, If you had to pick, who do you think is the most influential in our community and for what reason?
IPECAC: I think most influential person for me will be stinky. I think he was the first stream that I watched playing fangames. He is a very nice guy and after I started watching him I wanted to become better at fangames. I cant really think of anything else so yea. Thanks for making fangames a part of me <3
Aronax: Couldn't agree more, such a nice guy. Last question and the one everyone is waiting for, would you rather fight 1 horse sized Geezer, or 100 duck sized Geezer's?
IPECAC: I would fight 100 duck sized geezer's manly, because ducks are cute and I'm gonna hug them all to death :)
Aronax: That would work quite well I bet, thank you for your time Ipecac!
Thanks again for the interview IPECAC, here are his links if you want to contact him!
Twitch: httpss://www.twitch.tv/ipecacman
Twitter: httpss://twitter.com/ipecacman
Speedrun: https://www.speedrun.com/user/IPECACMAN
Discord: IPECAC#6322
Title: Re: Weekly Fangame Interviews - Fourth Week: IPECAC
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ipecute ~(=^・ω・^)ψ