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infernaids list
« on: June 15, 2016, 01:54:49 AM »
I will finish the list at some point but I have technological limitations at the moment so you'll have to deal with no descriptions for my latest games.

Have a link to my folder: https://mega.nz/#F!uN5kgZhQ!CCleA6Hp0I1qIjLhke4xFw

1. I Would Quit Right Now (Private)
-An absolute shit fest right here; only the difficulty select room was tested and everything else was aylmao'd. About 1/3 of the game is impossible.

2. I Wanna S Needle
-I consider this to be my real first game since I actually put effort into this. 20 rooms of symmetrical needle jumps with an item (technically a secret since it's literally a pixel) that opens 2 extra rooms; you technically don't need the item since I forgot to make the item block solid OpieOP. It has the window resize stuff because I was unaware of its existence at the time, so I apologize for that.

3. I Wanna S Needle 2
-This started off serious but then I updated with 5 extra rooms and a load of changes that went untested. 25 rooms of symmetrical needle jumps with an item (that's actually visible) that isn't worth getting because it's a mini-F plus other shit. The item opens a portal that errors because I'm absolutely amazing and forgot to specify the roomTo variable in the creation code; if you happen to get there just rebuild a plain double invert in RMJ or jtool and be happy (or not, idc).

4. I Wanna be the Hermes (Private)
-A pathetic homage to dagger's I wanna be the Zeus that should have never been made; it's more of an insult to Zeus, as I actually decompiled the game and built on top of it. I was such a dumbfuck just for that, not to mention the fact that it's impossible too. I occasionally give IWQRN to people for the meme but I hope this doesn't get in the hands of anyone else in the future; it's just awful.

5. I wanna be the New Jump
-A jump epiphany I underwent; it's a plane with a trigger that forces you to go back through the plane without jumping. You start off with the bad align and there's no way to save the good align once you get it.

6. I Wanna Destroy the 12 (Private)
-An absolute train wreck of a needle collab. My first error was in the fact that I accepted anyone's stage whether or not it was good. I then buffed the living hell out of the stages and left it untested before Starz0r took over and tried to revive the project in a way. About a third of the stages turned up impossible originally, mine included (three stages were impossible as designed lmao; you can thank me, cl0udi, and Ario for making that a thing); stuff didn't work as intended (e.g. putting "xscale=3" instead of "image_xscale=3" in the warp creation code for Stonk's stage). To make things worse, I blamed Starz0r for it all to save face, which I absolutely hate myself for doing, especially seeing how he actually did a lot to make the project better than it was. There will be nothing I regret doing more in this community than making and releasing this filth.

7. I Wanna be the Monochromatic
-I somehow used to like this game. The small "gimmick" I have going here is actually really annoying: go through a bunch of rooms a bunch of times and have them buffed each cycle. What resulted was a lot of buffed variations of F jumps that end up being a lot more annoying than I originally thought and a total of 2 good saves in the entirety of the game. There's one save that involves an absolutely disgusting F jump, some strange triple gate jump that's inconsistent as fuck, and a downwards plane that I left in because I first tried it in testing. The only thing this game really has going for it is the graphics and those 2 saves I mentioned.

8. I Wanna be the Needle Dungeon
-I still like this game a lot, despite it being short-hop hell. This was based on Lemon's Needle Reaper series, as I found them all to be really fun. What resulted was a really damn hard needle game. There's a lot of interesting stuff in it and a lot of overkill stuff as well, contributing to an alpine trail for a difficulty curve.

9. I Wanna be the Boner (under the alias "焦熱地獄")
-There's not much I can say about this really. This was a Goner/Loner-styled needle game and was meant to be complete aids. There's cool stuff in it and also dumb stuff.

10. I Wanna S Needle 2 ~ Remake
-I tried. This was a remake of S Needle 2, as the name states, since the game was just that bad. This has improved visuals and less required cancels (no more mini-Fs :4Head: ), but still an alpine trail for a difficulty curve. The extra is a buffed double invert, but at least you can get there in-game OpieOP.

11. I Wanna θ
-My first attempt at an L game; it's all over the place and you can shoot the saves from afar. It's great.

12. I Wanna be the Wireless (under the alias "分")
-I somehow made and beat this in two days. This was somewhat inspired by some of とも's games (P, Fidelity, and Erode mostly) and was focused primarily around platform jumps. It's really fucking hard, and I reacted really badly to how some people took it. I also for whatever reason said it wasn't an L game in the ReadMe, even though it clearly is.

13. I Wanna be the microheaven
-Finally, a game I'm proud of. This resulted from me being bored in-class and wanting to make a game that wasn't based on any other existing needle game, which hadn't happened since Monochromatic. What resulted was a game that didn't resort to one-frames or jump-cancels or weirdly-buffed F jumps; this is a game that I actually did some experimentation with grid sizes that aren't less than 2*2. Everything was built around the music, which I know is really out of place in a needle game but we shall overcome. There are a few things I wish I had done better (a few dumb saves, unnecessary align markers), but I hope you enjoy playing this as much as I did both making and playing.

14. I Wanna Pop Your Cherry (under the alias "A poor attempt at humor") (Private)
-I'm sorry.

15. I Wanna Elisha
-My first avoidance! I originally liked how it turned out, but then I began noticing stuff about it that really put it down for me. For one thing, it's absolutely stupid to try and play this on the right side due to how the attacks were made; there's a lot of really Leehetic attacks in this, and one is way too precise and luck-based to be fun. This game was made over the course of two days, and I released it right after I beat it, which took 6 attempts after I finished its construction. For a first avoidance, it was okay; I have ideas, but I didn't have the ability to put them to use correctly.

16. I Wanna A
-This is another L game that ended up being probably one of the easiest made. It's alright; there's nothing much to say about it.

17. I Wanna be the Shangri-La (under the alias "焦熱地獄")
-I guess I could say this is better than Boner, but there's still a lot of rough spots that are there mostly because I got lazy on certain points.

18. I Wanna Isometric (under the alias "分")
-This was an L game made using an isometric grid, and I like how it turned out.

19. I Wanna Y
-This was a remake of an L game attempt I made back in 2014 that was absolutely horrid. I feel this is pretty well polished, if you can say that for an L game, and it's kind of fun. I don't remember much of this game honestly, so I can't say much about it.

20. I Wanna be the Nightmare
-This is by far the hardest game I've ever made and will ever make, and this currently stands as the second-hardest game I've ever beaten. I started this during the summer of last year, and eventually aimed to finish it on Halloween, because nightmares. It ended up being too difficult for me to finish testing by Halloween, so I had to release it the following day. I can probably say this is my best fangame in many ways; it's just too hard for about 95% of people to beat.

21. I Wanna be 不安定な
-I made this mostly to kind of challenge myself and because I was bored; there's a lot of one-framing required, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

22. I Wanna be the Scarlet
-I made this for HeXeRMaN on his birthday because he's a cutie; basically, it's one-frame heaven featuring a final jump that requires cancelling. I found it pretty fun, but it's also pretty hard.

23. I wanna beat the Voodoo Jump (under the alias "焦熱地獄")
-tvpvz at some point in time discovered that you could use a-d align while inside of a platform; I was the first person he told as far as I know, but he didn't know of any actual use for it. Much later, I had this idea, and thus another jump that requires D-trick was born. It's pretty easy.

24. I wanna be the 毎秒100フレームでの配置ゲー (under the alias "焦熱地獄")
-I was so bored I decided to make standard needle jumps at 100 FPS; it's so bad yet so good. I...may have vomited it on the wiki at some point, and for that I do apologize.

25. I wanna fall into the snow
-My attempt at making easier needle; I feel this turned out really well and is probably my best game.

26. I Wanna Thread The Needle (part of)
-Collaborative needle game between Kale, YoYoYoDude, Stinkycheeseone890, Thenader2, Fate, kadykunde, and me. I consider this to be the best needle collab of its size to date, and not because I took part in it either.

27. Phonotaxis
-A pretty difficult needle game I made for Thenader2 because he's a cutie. I got inspiration for it from I wanna be the Magnificent Stumble, as I was a tester for it when I started to make this. It consists of 8 screens that use a bit of water and platforms here and there. Hopefully the particle system I used doesn't lag for anyone.

28. I Wanna Focus
-This isn't really my 28th game, but only put it here because I just now released it. This is a very old needle game I made before I Wanna be the microheaven, but never released because I lost motivation to work on it, mostly due to the overall quality of microheaven. I found it again today and decided to just upload it. As a whole, this game is very cancerous, but I'm sure someone out there will like it.

29. I wanna be the Vanitas
-A needle game based off of the Archfoe trilogy; no one framing or cancelling is required in case you think it is.

30. I wanna be the Monochrome Perception

31. I wanna be the Ash Tray (Private)

32. I wanna ∀

33. I wanna Resonate (Not Public)

34. I Wanna Be The Earth (part of)

35. I wanna be the Phi (part of)

36. 難しい針ゲー

37. I wanna uplift the needle

38. I wanna beat the Empirical Jump

39. I wanna come from the north

-- 50-Floor collab led by me
-- Collab led by Ario147
-- Collab led by Smartkin
-- Collab led by AlexBrogan69
-- Collab led by Aronax
-- I Wanna Kill Originality (led by Joshua_Boring)
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Re: infernaids list
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2016, 04:30:34 AM »
I have "I Would Quit Right Now" on my computer even though I don't remember you giving a link to me???

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Re: infernaids list
« Reply #2 on: June 15, 2016, 01:59:59 PM »
I think at one point in the past I made the link public and posted it somewhere, but idk

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Re: infernaids list
« Reply #3 on: July 05, 2017, 08:30:32 PM »
Finally got around to updating the list, 6 new games added; no descriptions tho because having to do this on phone for now.